The Art Bus workshops and programs are developed to meet the individual needs of children’s disability organisations,  community and cultural centres, events and festivals. With a flexible approach, we listen to community needs and enable people to tell their own stories through creative expression.


Workshops include drawing, painting, ceramics, lino cuts, printmaking, digital film making, photography, environmental art, sculpture, collage, basket weaving, papermaking, book making and community projects including murals and garden sculptures. Creative visual art workshops are tailored to facilitate individual growth, engagement and expression. We work collaboratively with the community to increase engagement and skills development.


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  • Ananda Aged Care -  flying sea birds 

  • Welcome House Exhibition Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, North Terrace Adelaide.  culmination of program with SA artists and Kilburn's refugee community.

  • 'Pictures in my Heart' Wakefield Press: Education Campaign

  • Comeout Children's Festival - 'collage me'

  • School Holiday Program 'drawing in the environment'

  • SALA Gala in the Garden - 'be the living artist'

  • National Youth Week - WHISPA 'it starts with us'

  • Qantas recycling program


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